Facets of Development
Environmental awareness:
Knowing their living world and their place in it.
Flora – interesting plant life like the Venus flytrap and Lambs ear (tactile).
Distinguishing between poisonous and non-poisonous plants.
Fauna – discovering insects and their role in the garden eg: ant/worm farms. 
The role we have as humans to recycle and keep the planet clean.
Personal growth:
Gardening is an exciting and engaging activity for children.
They learn through practical exploration, experimentation and nurturing.
Nurturing teaches responsibility, they have to maintain (weed) and water their vegetable garden.
The reward for harvesting ones own vegetables is priceless.
Lessons are taught in a group, providing opportunities for children to practise communication skills and work closely with others to achieve a common goal (team work).
Tending to plants helps children develop patience, responsibility and self confidence.
Gardening encourages them to explore their senses: smell, taste, touch and sight.
Builds gross and fine motor skills.
Can decrease stress.
Gardening can develop into job skills later in life.
Creative and aesthetic development:
Being creative using elements from nature, like leaves and seed pods etc….